Saturday, August 25, 2012

Drowning In The Bay

This past July I went out to San Francisco, California with my bike, my camera, and no plan. The results are this edit. Huge thanks to everyone who was involved and down to ride, film, chill, rock a sticker, host me (whether it was for an afternoon, a night, a week, or a month), or just made me feel welcomed to be there in general. I had a great time and can't wait to come back again! Now pack one up, sit back, and enjoy. RATPACK

Mike's BB17 Charmer

I'm pumped to see Mike Jay's dialed breakbrake17 Charmer build sportin' duel RATPACK stickies, givin' it that wrap around look. Look out for his clip in the new RATPACK full CA edit dropping later today. RATPACK

Friday, August 24, 2012

BALHOGS Piston Wax

The boys over at BALHOGS just launched their new site and introduced a brand new wax to their already rad line of waxes. The new Piston Wax will not only make you glide like buttah, but thanks it's genius design it'll also keep your hands and bag wax free. I love how compact and on-the-go these are, check out the new Piston Wax and the rest of their offerings here.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

MoN the Murdurah

MoN's new edit is SICK; the riding, the flow, and the editing are all on point! MoN is a super cool dude and a good homie of mine, he helped show me around SF, shot some pics, and saved my ass on more than a couple flats. And of course his new Unknown V.3  is looking so clean, way to kill it man!

Stay peeled for this second angle and the rest of the full RATPACK California edit dropping any minute now 

Fuck School.

Today is the first day of classes here at Virginia Commonwealth University which means the official end of summer, fortunately the Vomit Squad is hosting freshmen orientation at The Compound. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another Day in RVA

Yesterday I met up with Aidan to cruise around while taking advantage of a rare cool summer day here in Richmond, VA. Ever since I got my T-Level Infinity Rolltop I've been bringing my camera everywhere, it's nice to finally have a bag I can rely on.  

Like normal we warmed up in Monroe Park where I snagged this screen shot of Aidan Curry with a tree ride to half-cab.

We next met up with Eli and headed over to the Vomit Squad Compound to ride their newest front yard ramp addition. Right now they have two ramps and a little extra room to pedal, expect a one-spot edit in the future.

HBD JT Stylez

This past monday was one of my best friends, Jeff's, birthday. I've known Jeff for years and since another one of my long time friend's band, A-6, was playing I decided to whip out the VX and capture the evening. If you'd like to see more from A-6 keep an eye on my Vimeo, once I shell out for VimeoPlus the full set will be posted. RATPACK

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cali Celli Footi

I only snagged a couple clips on my cell phone while I was in CA, but I figured might as well throw something together. All iPhone footage from in and around SF and San Jose. Look out for the full VX trip edit dropping soon.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Texas Beach A.M. Session

 A couple days ago Squid came out with Aidan and myself to the D.I.Y Texas Beach spot early in the morning to snap some pictures for us. It was hot as hell and the spot got blown quick when a mob of skaters showed up (it's very small and easily overcrowded) but we still managed to get a few shots in. Thanks again Squid for coming out early and putting up with the heat and humidity!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Eli The Ghoul

Eli didn't have a board so he hopped on the cruiser and still killed it. Two clips n' a pic, gotta love hippy jumps. RATPACK

Mojo Mini

Yesterday I got together with Aidan Curry and his bud Eli for a evening sesh over at the Vomit Squad compound. VomitSquadBrian just put together this clean lil qp, it's a little small for big bikes but still fun to mess with. I got a flat early so I just kicked it and grabbed some flicks. RATPACK

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hambone Gettin' Trippy for Holdfast

MoN shot this photo of Christian "Hambone" Hamrick and myself filming in San Francisco and then edited it into a trippy aurora borealis ad for Holdfast. Since I was behind the VX the majority of my stay in SF I'm stoked to see a picture giving a look at how I spent most of my time in the city. Thanks for snappin' this one MoN. RATPACK  

Wet n' Sticky

Earlier my bike was delivered directly to my door step from SF. I'm glad to have it safe and sound back in my apartment and can't wait to start riding again, too bad it's stormin' heavy today. RATPACK 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Machete Tee Droppin' Tomorrow

I caught this on K Birdie's instagram and was instantly feelin' it! I love how straight forward the shirt is plus the signature logo designed by Torey Thornton of Wrahw, and of course the nugget camouflage background. Keep an eye out for the shirt releasing tomorrow through Machete's webstore, in the meantime check out their limited edition "green power" slayer bars available now. RATPACK