Friday, December 28, 2012

Daniel McDiarmid Solo Part

Every time I rewatch the Drowning In The Bay edit I think to myself, Young D goes hard! I first met Daniel while walking down Market Street in SF this past July, and in less than a one month span he was able to throw down these clips between his work schedule and moving apartments. Be on the look out for Daniel McD, the homie's got tricks, tons of energy, and a real passion for fixed freestyle. RATPACK

Friday, December 21, 2012

WW Face Sit Promo

Wrahw just upped a promo video for their new Face Sit LS that was featured on the Wish List. This promo is too good, and felt it deserved it's own post! The riding, the shirt, the filming, the editing, the vibes, everything about this promo.... Torey is a true master. Grab the shirt in the Wrahw web store.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Wish List

After posting about the Balhogs humble bundle the other day it got me thinking; there's a ton of great fgfs specific product on the market right now and with the holidays upon us I figure may as well make some gift suggestions for any fixie bro you might kno. 
1. Grime medicine man bars (pre-order); These bars sold out immediately the first time they were released and now the #1 handlebar in fgfs is available again. I'm so stoked they have a chrome and raw option this time! pick em up here
2. Destroy Bikes Top-Cap-Pipe; This stem top cap discretely doubles as a toking device, using the wrench hole as a carb and featuring a built in bowl-push that is hidden when the top cap is screwed in place. @Kennykiller14 approved, this just might be the ultimate fgfs accessory, grab it here
3. TTV Harajuku Beanie; Theith released his new line of gear recently, this beanie caught my eye as something different and unique. It's always cool to mix things up and not make everything so obviously bike related. Murder. swoop one in the gift shop.
4. Balhogs Piston Wax; Slick design and even slicker wax. The gluestick packaging keeps your bag clean and prevents the wax from rubbing or melting all over your goods. Get it straight from the source.
5. Wrahw Face Sit Long Sleeve; This is what I'm most pumped for this holiday season. Fully designed by Torey Thornton in his signature loose hand style, these shirts are the real deal! Swoop em quick from the Wrahw shop.
6. Grime Ghost; If you or someone you know is in need of a new frame, do yourself (or significant other/kids/cousin/homie..anyone) a favor and pick up the new Grime Ghost. Grime has been the leading innovators in fgfs since they first broke on to the scene, now with they're third frame release you know it's on point. I've ridden this frame and seen it an action and have to say, this is the best frame available on the market right now! Pick it up here from iMinusd. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

BALHOGS Hundle Bumble

With the holiday season in full effect remember those who are closest to you, and pick them up something truly special. If you're having trouble thinking of something "truly special" head over to the Balhogs shop and pick up their holiday humble sticker bundle, which includes 2 script slaps, 2 head slaps, and 1 grippy strippy for only $5! It's the perfect gift to let every single one your loved ones know exactly how you really feel.
 Lucas stays gripped on his BB17 Charmer

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Just the other night Aidan Curry pulled a Manny Pacquiao and was down for the count. After this knockout he became a solid base for some Jenga while gaining a couple face tats and becoming the life of the party....Weekdays With Curry. For more follow Acslayer77rp and the rest of the RATPACK clan on Instagram. #RATPACKRATPACKRATPACK

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

1Day with The Balhogs

This past Sunday BALHOGS Colin Foster and Sam Hanson came down to hangout in Richmond, VA with Aidan Curry and myself. The weather was weirdly perfect considering it's december, feeling like a warm spring day, plus no one went to the hospital this time, making for a super sick day! Sam and Colin are two of the funniest dudes I know and have some of the wildest styles out there. Hopefully this winter will stay mild and we'll be able to make some more trips back and forth soon.


What'd you do this Friday night?

Monday, December 3, 2012

Slezra Session

(When we got to the spot this women ask if we had seen her goat, it was this tall.)
The other weekend Ezra Tarasovich came down for a couple days so we snagged a few clips together. We were hoping to put together a solo edit but he may have broken his wrist so we'll see what happens. Heal up bud.
(Ezra Tarasovich air over the Vomit Squad Compound fence)
(Lucas Bockelmann Jersey barrier feeble pop  in)

Papa Krillz Karepackage

Big Papa Krillz aka Joey Krillz hooked me up with this sick personalized carepackaage, including my favorite piece of Grime gear, the Ghost Dog Crewneck. Also included was a bunch of rad Ice Cold mini magz, some Trail Punks swag, a baller blue Sadio lockring, and a ridicules collection of stickers. Thank you so much Krillz, I'm beyond stoked!

Slacker School

I've been slackin' here on posts due to finishing up one of my last semesters in school (I only have two classes left and then I am completely done). In the next few posts you'll see what's been going on over the past couple weeks.
This is my teacher, she hates me.