Friday, October 25, 2013


After the Summer Fix event all the homies went back to the fixie factory to get loose. tons of heads came out including, The FOAD crew (Salt Lake City), the Destroy dudes (San Jose, Redwood, SF), almost the entire Altar Tribe, the homies Zane, Phillip Arellano, Gus Molina, Jonathan Davis, Devon Lawson, Elliot Milner, Congo, Matt "Wolfdrawn" Spencer, and Corey San Augustin, plus the whole Fixie Factory household. That night the turn up was real, it took everyone a day or so and some Denny's to fully recover. Once most of us were able to function again we snagged a few clips in about 36 hours before the weekend was over. Huge thank you to Phillip Arellano, Kris Sundet, FOAD, Antonoyo Wothe & the entire Fixie Factory (Antonyo, Kris, Joe, Nick, Hannah, Ally, JJ, & Knife)! RATPACK

Monday, October 21, 2013

Fuckin' Pigs

I know this made its rounds on the interknots awhile ago but I still think it's strange that this was only a couple blocks from where I live. FUCK COPS 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Homie Eric Holladay

Our good friend and homie Eric Holladay just released two insane BMX edits! Above Holladay gets buck for for Tioga Tires with one of the wildest poles I've ever seen and then roasts the through the trails. Below he gets loose for his section in the Rotten Video, which is straight east coast fire! Eric slays it with a unique style that highlights spots mixed with dialed pegless tech-goodness. Oh Hell Yeah!!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ballin' with the Balhogs

For ACslayer's last weekend of freedom we decided to make the drive up to Baltimore to hangout and ride with Colin Foster and Sam Hanson. We crashed at Colin's insane loft space, talked tire pressure, watched some Uncle Steve videos, and grabbed mimosas, plus grabbed some VX clips and rode somewhere in-between there. Always a treat to kick it with these guys, hope we hangout more before they start their winter robot hibernation. 
*every time I've ever rode in Baltimore I've found at least one of these*

Richmond Is Rad

A little while back Dillion Leeper climbed up on to my roof to bar this wedge then drop over the stairs to flat. Pretty wild stuff! Also the premiere of our local skateshop, Venue Skateboards, video Old Dominion recently went down at the Byrd Theater, peep Josh Swyer's killer part here. Richmond is rad. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Back In It

Fixie Factory living room
Damn, it's really been a minute since I've updated this. Ha. A lot has happened since the last post, rode with the Balhogs in Baltimore, spent some time with the boys over at the Fixie Factory in Long Beach, peep'd inter bike in Las Vegas, spit up blood in Richmond, and went HD. Probably a hand full of other things I'm forgetting too. Over the next few days/week I'll be trying to get this page back up to date. #freeaidan
James River Richmond, Virginia