Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fijate Fijate Fijate

Just touched down in San Juan, Puerto Rico for the Fijate event taking place this weekend. I'm so stoked on the invite from the Grime family and can't wait to see what goes down this weekend, it's gonna get wild! Check back here for more updates on the weekend and keep and eye out for an edit covering the event/trip. RATPACK

Monday, September 24, 2012


The Grime and Matt Reyes recently wrapped up the final editing of Shredwell 2, a copy was sent off to  Mike and Ed in NYC where they will be holding a first-ever premiere of the video at the Chrome Bags store. I had a chance to watch the video while I was staying at the G.O.A.T House and it was mind blowing to say the least! I know since my stay a ton of new banger footage has been added, no question this will be the heaviest video in fgfs until the next Grime Bikes full length. 

There's a look at the first Shredwell vid that dropped over 2 years ago. Even today not many people can touch many of these tricks or lines, Shredwell 2 is going to be the definition of a game changer.

Monday, September 17, 2012

LuBo Machete Quick Clip

Yesterday, the 16th, marked the deadline for the Machete quick clip contest. I just barely made the cutoff submitting my edit at 11:57PM Saturday night. Nothing crazy just some clips snagged over the weekend for my man KBirdie and Machete Bikes.

Friday, September 14, 2012

MoN Keeps Em Coming

If you haven't been following MoN's Vimeo you've been missing out. Recently MoN has been dropping edits like a mad man. It's no surprise that he had some of the best footage from the Destroy Man Up or Shut Up Jam after seeing his extensive event coverage of the most recent Red Bull Ride+Style. He also just dropped an edit for Joe Mckeag full of tech bangers and even found time to get loose in another solo edit of himself. MoN is on his grind! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Goose's Deadly Combination

My man Goose just put together this mixtape style skate edit featuring a bunch of the homies shredding local northern VA parks. It's so fun watching Rob Fall manhandle everything he comes at and seeing Isaiah keep it tech and smooth. Another sick edit by the VX1000 master, Goose. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hamrick Goin' Huge

Matt "Slumworm" Reyes posted this picture on Wheeltalk's facebook page this morning of Christian Hamrick beasting a tire skid over this massive hubba in SF. Hambone is on a completely different level of riding that hardly anyone can touch right now. Recently Christian and the rest of the Grime team packed up the trap house and relocated from San Jose to San Francisco. I can't wait to see Christian and the rest of the Grime team take over SF. 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Jeff Dempler For Destroy

The homie Jeff Dempler aka JeffyD just dropped his new edit for Destroy Bikes full of tech grind goodness including creative setups and a feeble 180 on his backyard rail.. WHAT?! I was around for the filming of part of this and I'm psyched on how it came out. Jeff shuts it down. 

Machete Loco Logo

Just received my Machete Bikes Loco Logo tee in the mail direct from HK and K Birdie Daddy  himself. I'm so stoked on these shirts; the logo, the fit, and the ringspun cotton makes for an overall killer shirt. The tees fit a little on the loose side (which is jus the way I like em) and the cotton is super soft and lightweight making it perfect riding attire. Grab yours here. RATPACK

Thursday, September 6, 2012

New from the BALHOGS...

The BALHOGS are at it again with another first on the fgfs market, this time with their new CALUS BUST3R. The oinkment helps sooth and reduce and control gnarly calluses formed from shredding on the daily. Do yourself (and your hands) a favor and pick some up in their webstore. The only thing I want to know, is it edible?

Built in abrasion pad for callus control and chapstick-like-twist oinkment, another genius design by the BALHOGS

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Slaybor Day Weekend

After it rained nearly the entire weekend (forcing the BALHOGS to reschedule our play date) Aidan Curry and myself drove about 30 minutes outside of town to the Colonial Heights skatepark. Somewhat surprisingly we were the only ones out there on this insanely hot and humid day... I can not wait for fall weather to begin. RATPACK

Screen shot of myself with a qp air to fakie. Filmed by ACslayer