Thursday, June 28, 2012

Shippin' off to SF

I'm so stoked to say I just sent my bike off to my brother's place in San Francisco and will be out there riding and filming with my VX for the majority of July! I don't have much of a plan for being out there so if anyone wants to shred, catch clips, or dab out give me a holler. RATPACK

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Aidan Curry bike check by FGFSNYC

Joey Rojas took this shot of Aidan Curry over the weekend in New York City with his Grime G.O.A.T. For a full rundown of his whip check out FGFSNYC and the bike check here. RATPACK

Monday, June 25, 2012

Sam Hanson for HOLDFAST

Wow. Sam is a straight boss. Sam and Colin showed me a sneak preview of this edit while I was in Bmore and I'm stoked to see the finished be able to watch it on repeat! From beginning to end this video is insane. Sam is one of the few guys riding 29ers out there but he is absolutely destorying it with his Holdfast Converter29 frame which, he helped test and develop. Mix that with Colin's VX camera work and signature editing skills and this video is an instant classic. hard hitting hammers, smooth technical jibs, and the radioactive gritty streets. so sick. so much originality. 

Sam Hanson: Hold Fast from Balhogs on Vimeo.
On the real Aidan had to get a tetanus shot the last time we rode with these guys.  

Aidan Curry in NYC

Aidan went up to NYC for the weekend and while he was there he got together with Joey Rojas of FGFSNYC, Chris Fonseca, and Joseph Montano to do big city shredding while spreading the good word of RATPACK.

G.O.A.T. meat hangin' on the rack

Grime throwback on the Williamsburg bridge 

I'm so pumped to see Joey Rojas slapped a RATPACK stickie on his Grime G.O.A.T. It really pops with the sulfur yellow. Looking good man, thanks for the support! Pick yours up here in ye ol webbe shoppe.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Real stoked, finally pulled the trigger on getting a camera and am the proud new owner of this nearly mint VX2000 thanks to craigslist and the homie Goose. Thought it was pretty fitting considering today is national Go Skate Day. RATPACK

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Usually I'm not too hyped on birthdays so when mine rolled around last week all I really wanted to do was ride my bike. Here's a still I snatched on my "special" day. 180 into a grass hill. RATPACK

CSK All The Way

Just received some CSK Krew socks in the mail the other day and couldn't be more stoked. Jacob Ruff and the krew are putting out some killer quality product. I back what they are doing 100% and you should too. Support a real deal grass roots brand and pick yours up here 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Aidan Curry for RATPACK

Aidan Curry aka ACslayer is one tough son of a bitch. Doin' it for RATPACK

Rats in Bmore (#MAM1)

Last sunday ACslayer and myself headed up to Baltimore to shred with the BALHOG boys. The last time I saw Sam and Colin was about a year ago at the DC BFF Fixt Trix jam so I was super stoked to ride with them again.

Sam and Colin tubin' that new Brock Olive joint.

Colin spotted this cornice drop-in while cruising between spots. He gave it a nice pop to smooth sand carve. It's rad to see he's still got that snowboarders eye for approaching new lines.

Cofo was on fire that day and caught a creative flick at this curb'd parking lot bank.

We stopped at this local market to meet up with Jeremiah from HOLDFAST who I also hadn't seen since the Fixt Trix jam. For those of you who don't know, Jeremiah is an awesome guy and an OG in the fixed gear community. Everyone grabbed tons of water while Colin ate mac'n cheese for lunch on this 95 degree day... 

Shortly after discussing the idea of "going deep" Aidan went a little too deep while peggin' a square guard rail.



It was a complicated process getting to the hospital, a cab driver bailed on us at the scene and a dude fresh out of prison posed with us for some flip phone pix, but the Bmore guys really came through and saved the day in the end. Jeremiah gave Aidan a ride while Colin and Sam rode across the city to my car, then drove my car all the way back to the hospital and waited for us to get cleared to leave. 

Once Aidan was stitched up and cleared we were ready to roll again. The guys next led us to a chill shaded spot with cobblestone banks, a small stair set, and a pretty unique ledge. We session'd there until sunset and found a sweet street souvenir before leaving.

Thanks again Sam, Colin, and Jeremiah. You guys helped us out so much and we greatly appreciate it, come down to Richmond anytime! I can't wait to ride with these guys again, not only are they some of the funniest dudes to hangout with but their riding is on another level. Check out more of their videos hereRATPACK

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


1st edition RATPACK tee featuring the Original Rat. The original rat was first discovered in a backyard alley while filming the Suck-O-Rama edit and has served as a source of inspiration ever since.. so we felt the little guy deserved some respect by being forever dead on a tee. get your's here. RATPACK

Aye Shawty

Short edit of Lucas Bockelmann, nothing wild just mellow vibes. RATPACK

tap'a tap'a

Snagged this still of Aidan Curry touching down on a gap to tire tap. RATPACK

Sticky Icky

Got some stickies in recently, pretty straight forward. scoop em' hereRATPACK


This was originally set as a private video but because it wouldn't play on a buddy's phone I changed it to public, next thing ya know its on ttv (thanks for the post!) so I figured may as well throw it up on here. RATPACK