Saturday, February 23, 2013

Devo & Combs for WHEELTALK

Nothing gets me more pumped than watching two of my best friends kill it in a flick put together by another one of my best friends... and it doesn't hurt that Devon, Anthony, and Matt are some of the best in the biz. Matt Reyes filmed and edited this WHEELTALK welcome edit of Devo and Combs going huge! I personally love everything about this edit, not only does it show top notch riding but Matt did a great job capturing both their personalities from start to finish. I think it's safe to say this is one of the best we'll see during 2013, and its only February! The WHEELTALK/Grime Bikes fam is taking over!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thanks MoN & Still Pour

MoN sent over some of the new Still Pour stickers. Still Pour is a tight knit crew based out of PDX that comes correct. With MoN putting in work behind the lens you know tons of edits will be surfacing from these dudes. Here's some of their newer edits I've been digging featuring Devin Tolman, Taylor Dwight, and MoN himself!
This is the latest from the Still Pour guys, filmed on Valentines day with an iphone, ripping.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Grime Bikes is releasing SHREDWELL TWO at midnight tonight! pick up the digital download in their webstore for only $5! The download comes with an extra wall paper and the Krillzwell bonus video. Do yourself a favor and pick up the heaviest hitting video of the year here.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Manuary by Wheeltalk

The action doesn't stop in SF! Matt put together this killer edit covering what went down during the month of January. It gets me so stoked to see everyone getting loose and having a good time riding and hanging out. Matt and Devon had a different homie crashing at their place nearly every week including Ed Wonka, Ted Bundy aka Death2pigz, Mike Schmitt, and myself. 
So insane seeing Mike killing it with the wound-vac still on. Also Matt's combo at 1:47 is without a doubt the most tech line I've ever seen on a fixed gear and definitely one of the best uses of the fixed drive in a trick. Hell Yeah!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Breaking The Law

Aidan Curry just got on the new Grime Ghost frame and already the young thug is in the streets creating riots! If you're in Richmond look out for this terrorizer cruising around causin' trouble. Detailed pictures and bike check coming soon. RATPACK

Spot Check: SF

While in SF I snapped a few pictures of spots that caught my interest. This first one is a gnarly transition wall ride, this one looked super fun to me. The day after I left SF MTS came to town and shredded this spot with the wound-vac still hooked up to his knee, what a nut! 
As I was wondering back to my brother's place at 2am one night I stumbled into this sick ledge/bank tranny. Im not trying to leak anything but I'm petty sure Anthony Combs already has the ultimate trick on this spot.
 I've showed this last one before but in Torey's newest edit at 1:00 he hop-over nose manny'd this bad boy in true TT fashion. The clip made me freak out as that is a HUGE hop over into a nose manny! I thought this picture showed some dimension on how big that trick really is.

Virginia Weather

Back home in Virginia we have some of the strangest weather... one day its freezing and the next its perfect out. Here's a shot of one of the younger cats in Richmond, Sweet Lou, getting a snowed out 180 on his Grime Ghosts. Look out for more from Lou in the future, dude's got some bike control!
A couple days after the snow melted temperatures were back up to 74 degrees with a slight breeze, making for some great winter riding weather. RATPACK