Monday, June 25, 2012

Sam Hanson for HOLDFAST

Wow. Sam is a straight boss. Sam and Colin showed me a sneak preview of this edit while I was in Bmore and I'm stoked to see the finished be able to watch it on repeat! From beginning to end this video is insane. Sam is one of the few guys riding 29ers out there but he is absolutely destorying it with his Holdfast Converter29 frame which, he helped test and develop. Mix that with Colin's VX camera work and signature editing skills and this video is an instant classic. hard hitting hammers, smooth technical jibs, and the radioactive gritty streets. so sick. so much originality. 

Sam Hanson: Hold Fast from Balhogs on Vimeo.
On the real Aidan had to get a tetanus shot the last time we rode with these guys.  

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