Thursday, July 19, 2012

San Jose Chillin'

I ended up staying in San Jose a bit longer than I had planned and didn't bring a computer charger with me so the majority of my San Jose trip will be shown through instagram pictures I snagged during my time there. #regram? RATPACK

Anthony Combs' Woodgrain G.O.A.T 

Chef Combs mixin' up mac n' cheese curtsey of Big Hirsch

Montoya came by to drop some knowledge

Mike Schmitt shooting Devon Lawson outside the traphouse

They mad cus we mobbin'

All-Star bike pile; Alex Blanco, Ed Wonka, Mike Schmitt, Jeff Dempler, Matt "Slumworm" Reyes, and myself

Ed and Slum fuelin' up at the spot

I literally lived off these $2.50 bahn mai sandwiches from Dakao, along with ramen noodles and otterpops all week

Backyard chillin' with JeffyD, Ed, and Slum

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