Sunday, October 14, 2012


cruiser set up via Elite Boardshop
While in PR for Fijate2012 I snagged a few shots via instagram. For more follow @lucasbockelmann or look for #fijate2012. Stay peeled for the exclusive RATPACK/Grime Bike Fijate2012 web edit dropping soon.
 San Juan, Puerto Rico
 Devo before the riot
 Mike T. Schmitt aka Tony Montana
5 P.M. breakfast
 bust-a-move, Grime edition
 proper pile, rental beach cruiser included
 street dog
 MTS chopper spin
 Montana tall boy w/ GOODFOOD cosy
 Wonka's world
 Animal style. Lock Foot Posi
 alley kat announcements 
 Anthony Combs; professional dino wrangler
Grime stuck to literal grime
warm waters

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