Monday, January 28, 2013

California Weekend Recap

Here's a lil recap of my weekend trip out to SF during MLK weekend. I had a killer time hanging out there and can't wait to make it back. BIGUPS to Slum for letting me borrow such a sick whip and showing me what's good in the neighborhood!
first meal, SFO has the illest foodcourt
Wheeltalk sighting within my first hour of being in SF
On the Caltrain to San Jose
We trippy mane, still on the Caltrain
A glimpse at the San Jose jam. This picture doesn't do it justice there was probably 40-50 kids out there on FGFS specific bikes
Sadio MTS pro model stems at iMiNUSD
Daniel adding to the proper pile outside of iMiNUSD
Heading back to SF with these young pimps, Anthony Combs and Malik Jones
1 a.m. view from Pier 1
Check list complete, all gold everything. Combs' jewels 
AT THE SAME DAMN TIME.. Red's new dual belt-drive fixed gear
Fallen comrade 
Spent sometime at Super7 with Alex and India 
Picked a lil something up while at Super7
Slum and Devo using the buddy system 
Riding with the homies! Suzy, Jeff Dank, Daniel "Young D" McD, and Julian 
Last sunny afternoon at Slum's with Pokey before returning to east coast snow/rain/coldshit

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