Monday, February 4, 2013

Spot Check: SF

While in SF I snapped a few pictures of spots that caught my interest. This first one is a gnarly transition wall ride, this one looked super fun to me. The day after I left SF MTS came to town and shredded this spot with the wound-vac still hooked up to his knee, what a nut! 
As I was wondering back to my brother's place at 2am one night I stumbled into this sick ledge/bank tranny. Im not trying to leak anything but I'm petty sure Anthony Combs already has the ultimate trick on this spot.
 I've showed this last one before but in Torey's newest edit at 1:00 he hop-over nose manny'd this bad boy in true TT fashion. The clip made me freak out as that is a HUGE hop over into a nose manny! I thought this picture showed some dimension on how big that trick really is.

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