Friday, March 15, 2013


I've been real busy with mid terms and taking care of graduation stuff but I finally had some free time to load up these pictures from my most recent trip to CA. Last week was my school's spring break so I decided to head out to San Francisco to kick it with the homies and catch some clips.
As soon as I got into the city I met up with locals El Jefe and Chuck Fabz. After crushing some breakfast burritos we cruised over to Lincoln High School to meet up with the crew filming for Can't Fool The Youth. 
McKeag sent it down this 15 stair like it was nothing, but ended up with a tech line around the corner
I was lucky enough to met Zane and to snagged some B-role for him
He also hooked me up with a copy of Can't Fool The Youth. Thanks Zane!
We all rolled over to Golden Gate Park but everyone was feeling a little beat, cold, and hungry 
Had a romantic candle lit burrito dinner with Antonyo Wothe
Antonyo is not just one of the most tech riders I've met but one of the most tech pool players too! dude was sinking shots 
The next day I met up with MTS, Devo, and Daniel aka "Young D." We got refueled and energized to film 
Mike's new Rinng Parts peg. The dudes in Japan at Rinng know what their doing, the pegs, axles, and hub guards look amazing!
played some Mario on the SupaBoy
Locked up with the homies; Mike Jay, Chuck, and Jeff
hole in the wall pho with the crew
Typical island life
Saturday's breakfast
Matt Reyes. master of the wiggle. I think he literally went over 10 blocks like this 
The most insane pizza bagels I've ever eaten courtesy of Matt
Coolin' at Bob's Garage 
Across the bay to Treasure Island
Tonkotsu ramen with my brother from Ramen Underground. Thanks for letting me crash Jake, you're the best. Stay peeled for a few VX screen shots from the trip to be posted shortly. RATPACK

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