Friday, July 12, 2013

Aidan Curry Bike Check

Aidan Curry has been riding around on his Grime Ghost for awhile now and has it dialed in pretty nicely. Check out what he has to say about the whip along with a few clips thrown into the mix. below is a run down of his setup. RATPACK

frame:grime ghost
fork: sadio booster 420
bars: destroy 4.666
stem: FBM crown royal top load
grips: odi
headset: FBM
front hub: sadio spark
rear hub: sadio spark 14mm
front rim: velocity P35
rear rim: mtx33
front hub guard: Gsport
front peg: sadio riot
rear hub guard: FBM
rear peg: animal butcher
cranks: sadio swoop 175mm
sprocket: sadio molar 30 tooth
cog: sadio 12 tooth
lock ring: sadio
seat: bone deth vibrator pivotal
seat post: sadio
chain: odyssey bluebird
pedals: stolen thermalite
straps: burro chronic

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