Friday, October 25, 2013


After the Summer Fix event all the homies went back to the fixie factory to get loose. tons of heads came out including, The FOAD crew (Salt Lake City), the Destroy dudes (San Jose, Redwood, SF), almost the entire Altar Tribe, the homies Zane, Phillip Arellano, Gus Molina, Jonathan Davis, Devon Lawson, Elliot Milner, Congo, Matt "Wolfdrawn" Spencer, and Corey San Augustin, plus the whole Fixie Factory household. That night the turn up was real, it took everyone a day or so and some Denny's to fully recover. Once most of us were able to function again we snagged a few clips in about 36 hours before the weekend was over. Huge thank you to Phillip Arellano, Kris Sundet, FOAD, Antonoyo Wothe & the entire Fixie Factory (Antonyo, Kris, Joe, Nick, Hannah, Ally, JJ, & Knife)! RATPACK

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