Monday, August 18, 2014

Altar boys: JBALL, Cole, and Schual

A few of my favorite young guns just dropped some pretty heavy edits, it's clear they spent a lot of time and effort on these ones and I am beyond hyped for them. Johnathan Ball's Welcome to Bombtrack hits hard with a variety of pegless technical hammers and a few tricks that no else is touching, such as the fakie 360 lawnmower! Stoked. 
Next up is young Cole Ruffing dropping the first volume of his new series titled"Cole Clips." Cole keeps it lose and creative with his next level jib game and quick hops. I really like the security camera vibes to this one, great job Cole!

and lastly is the newest from baby boi Justin Schual. Schual has a different approach to riding than most of the other dudes. Evidence of this can be seen at 1:10 with the 180 fakie ice!

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