Sunday, July 8, 2012

Spot Hunting with Christian Hamrick

Last night I met up with Christain Hamrick to do some late night spot hunting. I met Christain for the first time a year ago at the DC Fixt Trix Jam where he blew everyone away with his big tech grinds and smooth style. It's sick to see how far he's come since the jam, he rode in the most recent Red Bull Ride+Style and is also now an official Grime team rider. Check out his most recent ad here.  

This spot was insane, but a quick bust. All the pieces were moveable 

All sorts of possibilities outside Mc'D's

It was so sick seeing this in person, I can't believe all the crazy shit that has gone down here.

This is on the other side of the wall. Security was way mellow.

Night cap with some 2 a.m. doughnuts. I'm hyped to do a lot more riding and filming with Hambone while I'm out here, dude kills it. Peep some of his riding in the upcoming Grime video Shred Well 2

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